Chunky Shoes


Brands that sell these: Jeffrey Campbell- (they have a list of their retailers), Stylenanda (my favorite Korean clothing store)-

I don’t have them yet, (probably because they’re almost $200) but buying these types of shoes is on my bucket list! I found out about them through my beloved store Stylenanda. The models on the website have dawned these iconic Jeffrey Campbell platform heels since the site was born, but the style itself hasn’t been popular in America until recently.


Platform shoes are known to give height without as much pain as purely high heeled shoes. Also, they elongate the leg and make the wearer look naturally taller.


Chunky platform shoes are trendy on both guys and girls.

For fashion-forward guys: I suggest pairing some platform sneakers with dark wash jeans, a strong leather jacket, and a snap-back or beanie to complete the look.


For girls: Pair these with some high-waisted shorts, a white tank top, and a letter jacket. Anything high waisted looks positively amazing when worn with platform shoes.

At Jeffrey Campbell, the most popular brand that sells these types of shoes, platforms range from $160-$300. Knock-offs are sold at places like Forever21 for cheaper, though, but the real deals are the Jeffrey Campbell’s. I’ve seen people of any gender wear chunky shoes for any occasion and with any style. Whether you’re edgy or sophisticated, vintage or glamorous, these shoes are perfect for you!


TL;DR: Be uber fashion forward and splurge on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platform heels. They elongate your body and are great for any gender and style!