Swimsuit Edition: Crop Tankini


Brands that sell these: Urban Outfitters – www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp ; Pacsun –  www.pacsun.com

The crop tankini. You can also look it up on google as the long bustier, crop bikini, etc. I’m basically describing to the best of my abilities a swimsuit top that resembles the infamous crop top adorned by teens everywhere. Instead of  wearing a boring halter top or one piece, try the crop tankini. It provides a bit of “modesty” in the midst of string bottoms and push up bikinis.


The style isn’t too popular right now, but it’s one of those things that’s slowly creeping into distinguished stores. Fun fact: swimsuits are made of nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyester. In terms of functionality, crop tankinis provide more support and lessen the chance of the top falling off. Also, it covers part of the stomach, creating a slimming look.


This style would be ideal for any setting that involves swimming, but I would wear this instead of a revealing bikini if I’m out with family or on a class trip. Obviously, this is only for girls. A suggested look is a tribal print crop top bikini with solid low rise b0ttoms. The trick is to take one color from the pattern and find a bottom with the same color. For coverups, wear a see through beige dress made up of a lace or doily fabric. Finish off with some strappy sandals.


Some great bottom types you could pair this style with are low rise shorts and cheeksters. Some variations of crop tankinis are: bustier, long sleeved, thick straps, short sleeve cropped shirt, flowy crop, and racerback. Be sure to try out this trend if you want to get ahead of the game this summer.


TL;DR: Try out the crop tankini if you want a touch of modesty in your summer look.

Tea Length Skirts


Tea Length: a style where the hem falls between the knee and the calf.

Tea length skirts are seriously all the rage right now. The saying that fashion is going backwards is definitely true in this case. Tea Length has been seen way back in the late 1800’s in England and the US. Now, people wear it to look old fashioned or modest yet still casual.


Patterns and fabrics all vary, so the sky’s the limit. But, the style is always flowy or pleated, as a skin tight tea length would probably restrict ones ability to walk. As shown in the picture, you can wear a matching crop top or a sweater with the skirt since it’s so versatile. You’ve probably hear of tea length wedding dresses, but brides usually only choose this style at outdoor weddings or for laid-back weddings. Tea Length is also an option for prom if you’re into that.


Again, this outfit is only for the ladies. Envision women in the 20’s when styling a tea length skirt. I suggest tucking in a muted and thinly striped button up into a solid tea length skirt. Make sure the blouse has a collar so you can layer over a pastel or white sweater. Then finish the look with some office-esqe pumps and a watch of choice.


The best season to wear these is in the fall or spring, but you could also put it off in the winter. If your style is vintage or elegant than this is the look for you. But if you’re edgy or preppy, then some modifications could help to implement the tea length. Edgy: pair a cropped bomber with a faux leather skirt. Preppy: take a wild pattered skirt and pair it with a bustier of choice.


TL;DR: Channel your inner old-school and try out the tea length.

Pencil Crop Top Set


Brands that sell these: For Love & Lemons – www.forloveandlemons.com; ASOS – www.us.asos.com

Celebrities like Zoey Deutch and all the Kardashians are rocking this specific style. The title is pretty straightforward, a pencil skirt and a matching crop top. I’ve seen different variations of this, such as a skater skirt instead of a pencil skirt, but it is this particular style that’s flooding the fashion scene.


The fabric can be made out of almost anything, cotton, lace on top of silk, and even thick wool. Patterns vary from solid to plaid, tribal to floral. Typically, there aren’t any add-ons to the fabric, but I have seen scalloped hems or lace overlap. Pencil skirt and crop top sets can look flattering on any body shape, but it just depends on how thin your fabric is. If you you prefer more coverage and concealment, opt for a thicker fabric. But if you honestly don’t care or if youre body confident, try cotton.


Obviously, guys can’t wear this style, and it’s not really for all girls either. By no means is this set for a professional setting, despite the pencil skirt part. People usually wear this set for a night out and for special occasions. A suggested way to rock this: pair a pastel floral printed set with minimal accessories like a single statement necklace or single chunky bracelet. Then top it off with strappy nude heels (to counteract the loudness of the outfit).


This set is best worn in the spring, summer, and fall, with patterns changing accordingly. The look is best worn without a jacket, but if you must, then opt for a crochet loose sweater for softer sets or a structured blazer for edgier sets. This surely means that matching pencil crop top sets are one of those versatile, all-over-the-fashion-spectrum type of pieces. Uber-girly girls can wear these as well as punk-rock fanatics. Seriously, why aren’t you going out and buying one right now?


TL;DR: Pencil skirt plus a matching crop top. Very fashion forward but soo worth it.



Brands that sell these: For Love & Lemons- www.forloveandlemons.com

Loose off-the-shoulder tops are getting popular this year, as their boho style pairs perfectly with music festivals such as Coachella and SXSW. It’s been around since I can remember, but only recently have clothing companies been implementing a modern touch to the style, creating the next upcoming fashion trend. The look is typically boho/western chic, but a change in fabric can turn it into any style for any occasion.


This type of clothing is usually made out of cotton or lace and comes in a variety of colors. Off-the-shoulders are just for girls, unfortunately. I suggest wearing a flowy white off-the-shoulder paired with some high waisted shorts and brown leather boots. Wrap bracelets and a flower crown would add a nice touch, like the lady pictured above.


Off-the-shoulders are typically worn in the spring and summer, since the shoulders are getting some breathing room. It might be hard to find at this point but once you see one, buy it immediately and watch the compliments flood in. Remember, always dress according to your body shape and preference. If you aren’t excited about baring the entire upper part of your body, opt out of this trend. But if you love this and want to try it out, I highly suggest you do! You end up looking like a Greek goddess no joke.


TL;DR: Off-the-shoulder = boho goddess = go to the mall and buy this NOW.