Kimono Tops


Brands that sell these: Brandy Melville –; Topshop –

Okay, these things are just gorgeous. I don’t know if it’s because of the oriental vibe or what, but I cannot wait to rock one of these. I recently bought one but haven’t gotten around to wearing it. I wonder why? *cough**cough* i only wear a uniform everyday *cough**cough.* I digress. Kimono tops resemble shawls or giant scarves with holes for your arms. Essentially, they are wraps that add extra style to your outfit.


Kimono tops can be made up of a variety of fabrics, like chiffon or cotton. (kimono jackets exist too but they are made of sturdier fabric.) The pattern can also vary, but they typically have flowers, resembling actual kimonos. Some have tassels lining the bottom, also. They look flattering on any body shape, so don’t worry. but if you’re a guy or girl, they’re worn a bit differently:

Guy: To be honest, guys don’t really wear kimono tops but at least a few do. If you have an inkling about trying these out, I suggest picking a solid, dark color, such as navy or black. Then pair it with a sold t-shirt, tank top, or collared shirt. Finally, finish the look with some dark denim pants. 


Girl: These are best worn with a white or pastel colored tank top or t-shirt, high waisted shorts, and some combat boots. if you want to look dressier, I suggest a dress with a solid color (to balance out the pattern in the already eye-catching top) and mid-length (to contrast the flowy-ness of the top.)


This is best and most worn in the spring, so hurry and buy one before everyone starts wearing it! If you haven’t already noticed, they don’t provide any warmth whatsoever so sorry. Depending on the fabric, tops like these can run from $30-$90 bucks. Try this trend out, you won’t regret it!

TL;DR: Buy a kimono top and be ultra trendy for the spring season.


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