Bushy Brows


Cara Delevingne

Another beauty trend that’s been as popular as “the bob” since the end of last year is strong eyebrows. This is more of an admiration though, since it’s mostly celebrities that have been rocking the thick brows. Some popular examples are model Cara Delevingne, actress Lily Collins, and actor/ singer Darren Criss. In their cases, big brows are what identify and separate them from other celebrities.

Majority of humans don’t have perfectly full yet thin and maintained brows. It’s a chronic struggle amongst women, especially. Those with sparse brows may have a difficult time achieving this looking on a daily basis, but those with wild brows may be in luck. For the surprisingly more fortunate, you will be thrilled to know that you don’t have to spend an hour tweezing your caterpillars every 3 days. With the gradual acceptance of bushy brows, now you can do the bare minimum and then end up looking like a fashion icon.


Andrew Garfield

Personally, I think it depends both on personality and style, but not so much facial features. Usually, any woman who is confident in her personal style can pull off the strong brows whereas someone with less of a fashion identity might come off as unkempt. And, when you have the brows, you need to know how to rock them. That’s where confidence comes into play. You’re dealing with a fashion statement, so being shy about it will make people think you aren’t taking care of your brows. This probably sounds like an in depth analysis on something as trivial as eyebrows, but it takes serious skill to pull off such a bold look.


The gorgeous Lily Collins


As said before, even those with sparse brows can achieve this look, but it does take a little more effort. The trick is to thicken and darken all over, but concentrate from mid brow to the front and then taper from the second half of the arch down.  If you’re blond, test out a variety of colors from a grayish tint to a deep brown. For brunettes, stick between a few shades lighter that your hair color to a few shades down. Remember, too dark might look fake, especially if your brows are sparse to begin with.

After you find your color, there are a variety of ways to apply that color and thickness to your brows. A complete brow regimen consists of a brow powder; pencil; or marker, and over it a brow gel or wax. Small strokes are key to making the brows look natural.

In conclusion, it’s all trial and error, but I hope my tips help.


The equally gorgeous Darren Criss


Unless you’re metrosexual, makeup is not up your alley. Most men don’t take care of their brows all, and the rest probably only trim the hairs once in a blue moon. This article is mostly just reassurance, that if you have thick brows like in the picture above, you’re actually fashionable! (WOW!)


My fave Lucy Hale

Thick brows are not for everyone, but if you manage to try it out, you’ll find yourself with an overall youthful appearance. Thin arched brows exhibit maturity while soft bushy eyebrows are cute and fresh. Considering Cara and Lily pretty much got famous because of their brows, I suggest trying this out if you want to be a trendsetter this season.

TL;DR: Go for thick, dark brows this season if you want to look young and fashionable.


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