(this pic is old but omg i found a young katie holmes in overalls so perfect)

Brands that sell these: Forever21 (their selection shifts pretty often so you probs have to wait until fall for overalls to come back sry) and i guess department stores? [this section is starting to not make sense.]

Overalls are overall pretty awesome *laughter*.  They’re great for any size or gender, providing for a laid back, tomboyish vibe that makes it look like you put zero effort but still managed to look fashionable.

I understand why people might not like these. They aren’t too practical if you need to go to the bathroom, for starters. And if you don’t wear it correctly, you will end up looking like you tried too hard (or like a cowboy). But if you learn how to wear them properly, i.e. wear the right clothing underneath, you can be the definite head-turner at the local coffee shop.


how artzy

Considering people will be staring at you when you wear them (are overalls THAT foreign to people idk), I don’t suggest wearing these on a daily basis. Try to implement this staple piece every now and then, especially in spring and fall. Overall shorts are cute on girls and overall pants are great on both guys and girls.


For dem girls: Overalls can be overdressed with a printed collar button-up underneath, a statement necklace, and some boots or under-dressed with a white tank top, a scarf, and some comfy sandals. As shown above on the runway models, overalls are chic in any color or length.


For dem b0ys: I know its a finer line for boys, since one wrong move and you could end up looking like a plumber or cowboy. BUT, you could also look like a dapper, European-esque, vintage, pretty boy with an amazing fashion sense and a row of women on each arm. Jokes aside, guys should wear overalls more often. I suggest pairing it with a long sleeved shirt and some oxfords. Keep it simple and you’ll go a long way.

If you dont like overalls, you could always go for clip-on suspenders. They do the trick and are easier to put on.


Celebrities and Asian people, two things that I will include in every post.

Since this is such a general trend, I can’t list a specific price, but, good quality overalls range from $40-$150 (denim is expensive yo). As stated before, overalls are tremendously versatile and can be worn for special occasions (just wear a different fabric like leather or polyester) or for everyday (the looser, more ripped, more faded = the more laid-back). Go out and buy a pair. You won’t regret it!


TL;DR: Be comfy and causal in these on-trend overalls. ’nuff said.


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