Bob Haircut



Entering into spring 2014, the latest hair trend is now shifting from long tresses to short, playful hair. Fashion icons like Lily Collins and Emma Roberts have recently gone public with this new hairstyle and have gotten every tabloid and fashion magazine publishing an article about it.

I personally am too afraid to try the new trend myself, but have thought about it many times. The pluses of having short hair compared to my currently super long hair are using up less shampoo and conditioner, having healthier looking hair, and not having my hair get caught on everything. While I am a bit reluctant to jump into the new season with this style, I bet I’ll eventually give in.


All high-end hairstylists agree, the bob is what all celebrities are asking for since 2014 has started. the trick is to start with a long bob and ease your way into shorter hair. You might regret it if you cut the hair too short on the first try. Also, body and volume are key and add to the mobility of the hair.


I highly suggest high schoolers and college students try the bob, since it’s low maintenance and gives off a carefree and flirty vibe. All the girls at my school are currently sporting extra long, natural hair, but chances are that everyone will have a bob by the end of the year.

TL;DR: Get a bob, it’s what all the celebrities are trying this season.


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